Powder, liquid, antique, corrosive products, flammable and explosive products, CDs, medicines, health products, chemical products, national ban products, etc.!
  • 美国专线

    U.S.A. line

    International air transport tax package door to door service

    Accept Electronic product

    Multi-channel delivery

    4-5 working days up to

    Docking Amazon.cn/Eabay, electricity business platform

  • 国际空运服务

    International Air Transport

    13 years of professional experience

    200+ industry elite

    17 global warehouse service points

    Smooth from Guangzhou, Hong Kong implemented a total of 9 classes B747-400F load of 109 tons of cargo aircraft charter

  • 国际海运拼箱/整柜

    Sea shipping FCK/LCL

    Port to port service

    Sailing to ensure the safety of goods

    International shipping FCK/LCL Tax package

  • 邦太仓储管理

    Warehouse Management

    Safe and quick

    Full visualization tracking

    Powerful Warehouse Management System

    Multi-channel delivery of the major platform docking

  • Chinese professional
    International logistics products

    To meet the broader needs
    Star Products

    Cross - border electric business export logistics

    Large-scale branch offices across Africa and the Middle East

    Three domestic branches, five African branches, nine Middle East branches

    • 安全优势

      Security advantage

      State-owned companies shipped, the destination branch receipt,
      The whole process by the company employees, cargo security is high

    • 稳定优势

      Stable advantage

      Large cargo volume ,Stable shipping space with different airlines ,Daily departure flights , Loading container eveyday

    • 资金优势

      Capital advantage

      FAFALUX is well-funded, to provide comprehensive after-sales service

    • 综合优势

      Comprehensive advantage

      14 at home and abroad branch, line stalls and warehouse distribution of the major wholesale markets
      20 years deep plowing Africa Middle East market

    Company strength powerful

    Safe, stable, well-funded

    Consign ur shipment to us ,we can handle pick-up ,packing etc ,any service can do for u .

    One-stop service process, you only need to concentrate on core issues

    Most customers did not meet with us, but the service lasted for more than 10 years

    why? Because the FAFALUX route experts can focus on your market, and the service quickly

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